DailyNinja, Mumbai

Driving Growth and Vendor Expansion for DailyNinja

Client Overview

DailyNinja is a hyper-local subscription-based delivery service catering to the daily needs of households in select cities. Offering essential items like milk, bread, eggs, and more, DailyNinja strives to simplify the lives of its customers through timely and hassle-free deliveries. Their business model revolves around a convenient app-based platform that allows users to manage and receive their daily necessities at their doorstep.

Project Overview

The primary objective of the project was to identify and assess the gaps in the operations of DailyNinja’s Field Officers (FOs), vendors, and customers. The aim was to improve revenue and expand the vendor network to enhance overall business growth. In this context, the project focused on researching the experiences of vendors after collaborating with DailyNinja, understanding the challenges faced by FOs and vendors, and finding ways to attract more vendors to join the platform.

Scope of Work

The scope of the project involved comprehensive market and customer analysis, conducting field visits with the client’s Field Officers, and proposing strategic changes to address the identified gaps.

Project Timeline

The project was diligently executed over a period of 45 days, ensuring thorough research and analysis to provide valuable insights.

To address these challenges and drive positive outcomes, the following solutions were implemented:


Human Skill Development for FOs

Intensive training programs were conducted to refresh FOs’ knowledge of the app and its features.
Monthly retention programs were introduced to maintain FOs’ engagement and competence.
FOs were encouraged to maintain daily reports and location updates to enhance accountability.

Building Vendor Trust and Capturing Vendors

An innovative event was organized to build trust among vendors, using a “Free Seminar on Business Growth” as a platform to introduce DailyNinja.
FOs were trained in building relationships and trust with vendors, helping them understand the benefits of collaboration.
Key selling points, such as convenience, customer loyalty, and business expansion, were emphasized to attract vendors.
Regular quarterly meetings with vendors were established to foster a sense of association with DailyNinja.

Capturing Customers' Trust

Female FOs were appointed to exclusively engage with households, gaining trust from female and elderly customers.

Vendors were educated and trained in effective customer relationship management to enhance customer satisfaction.

Attractive discounts were offered to customers making early payments, benefiting both customers and vendors.

Impact and Results

The implementation of these solutions resulted in several positive outcomes for DailyNinja:


Improved Revenue

By addressing operational challenges, DailyNinja witnessed an increase in revenue and improved productivity.

Increased Vendor Network

The strategic approach to capturing vendors led to an expansion in the vendor base, enhancing supply capabilities.

Enhanced Image and Reputation

The focus on human skill development and professionalism improved DailyNinja's brand reputation.

Customer Acquisition and Conversions

Customer trust and satisfaction improved, leading to higher customer acquisition and conversion rates.

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Unique Selling Points

The case study stands out due to its emphasis on field presence, effective communication skills, critical thinking, and evaluation of all stakeholders involved in the business model.

Target Audience

The case study is intended for households, gated communities, and potential clients in Tier 1 cities like Mumbai, particularly in areas such as Powai, Kanjurmarg, Chembur, and Thane.

Challenges Faced:

  • Difficulty in scheduling meetings with vendors and reaching out to them effectively.
  • Lack of comprehensive knowledge about the app’s features and functionalities.
  • FOs lacked professionalism in their behavior and grooming, affecting vendor interactions.
  • Some FOs showed a lack of commitment and connection with the company’s vision and goals.


DailyNinja’s collaboration with our team helped identify critical gaps and challenges in their operations, leading to the successful implementation of strategies that positively impacted their business growth and vendor expansion. By focusing on improving the experiences of FOs, vendors, and customers, DailyNinja has strengthened its position as a reliable hyper-local delivery service in the market.

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