Bix42, Jaipur

Driving Exponential Growth for Bix42 – A Billing Software SaaS Product for Subscription-Based Businesses

Client Overview

Bix42, a SaaS product by BPK Softwares Pvt Ltd, is a comprehensive billing software designed to cater to the needs of subscription-based businesses, including Cable TV, Internet, Newspaper, and others. The company faced significant challenges such as low revenue, minimal brand presence on social media platforms, low conversion rates, high churn rates, slow tech bug resolution, and fierce competition.

The Solutions

Gaurav’s strategic vision and structured thinking allowed him to delve deep into the company’s functions, processes, and data to uncover the real picture of the challenges at hand. He then devised an action plan to address each challenge effectively.

The Challenge

As the Growth Manager at Bix42, Gaurav took on the responsibility of leading the organization in all aspects, including Sales, Operations, Leadership, and Marketing. His task was to analyze the business model, sales process, offerings, and processes to identify the root causes of the challenges and provide actionable solutions.

Key Achievements

Gaurav’s efforts led to remarkable results for Bix42:


Improved Monthly Revenue

Gaurav successfully quadrupled the monthly revenue, leading to exponential growth.

Enhanced Yearly Renewals

Yearly renewals witnessed an eight-fold increase, showcasing improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Efficient Tech Bug Resolution

Gaurav optimized the bug resolution process, reducing the turnaround time by 70%.

Diversified Target Market

Gaurav explored new target markets, including Milk vendors, Tenants - PG-Hostels, Insurance Agents, and Coaching Institutes..

Increased Active User Count

By implementing strategic changes, Gaurav managed to triple the number of active users on the platform.

Enhanced Facebook Reach

Gaurav's expertise in social media marketing resulted in a significant improvement in the company's Facebook reach.

Innovative Product Development

He strategized the product development lifecycle, introducing new features to improve retention and daily screen-time for users.

Reduced Churn Rate

Gaurav identified customer pain-points and evolving requirements, effectively reducing the churn rate.

“From the start, Gaurav has shown remarkable business acumen. He not only understands problems at their core but also provides effective solutions and builds processes around them. His ownership and commitment to tasks have been commendable. I wish him the best for his future endeavors.”
Gaurav Karwa
Founder & CEO

About Bix42

Gaurav’s expertise encompassed a wide range of skills, making him an invaluable asset to Bix42. These skills include Strategic Vision, Structured Thinking, Project Management, Communication, Lead Generation, Revenue & Profit Growth, SaaS, Customer Retention, Problem Solving, Analytical Skills, Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Business-to-Business (B2B), Start-ups, SaaS Sales, Team Management, and Business Strategy.